Our Mission

Legendary Hosts LTD, established in June 2017 was focused on providing high quality game and virtual private server solutions for the consumer. Since then, we've grown and adapted into the full enterprise cloud solution with our offerings.

Our plan of action for the future addresses items such as a full international deployment of servers throughout 2019, alongside the setup of subsidiary companies to provide bespoke offerings for all of our clients requirements.

Meet Our Team

Our team of robots* make sure this company is up-to-par.

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Our Features

Check out a few reasons why we’re great.

Secure Deployment

Our services are PCI-DSS Compliant. We make sure any information is stored securely. We also use locked cabinets to ensure physical access is not an option.

99.9999% Uptime

Nobody likes downtime. We’ve designed our infrastructure to be fully redundant to ensure you don’t miss a thing. We’re committed to this in our SLA too.

Custom Panel

We built our panel with you in mind. Clean designs (and a dark theme!) to make work so much easier. Deploy new nodes within minutes and get started right away.

Powerful API

We’ve made it easy for you to manage your services directly, integrate us into your application with our API to quickly create, delete and control your services.

100% Intel CPU

We use the latest Intel CPUs to ensure performance is always the best it can be, from Core i7’s to E3 and E5 Xeons, you’ll always get that lightning fast performance you love.

No Lengthy Contracts

Create and destroy services as you need them, and pay only for the hours they were used. No cancellation fees, and no hidden charges.

Built on the latest & greatest tech.

Legendary Hosts strives off of it's own innovation. We constantly look for ways to innovate and provide higher quality services for our clients.



OpenStack is the technology that ties all of our infrastructure together. Our panel directly links into OpenStack to provide the highest level of control as well as rock solid stability and redundancy.



Node.JS deals with the backend of our Panel. We use it for the compilation of our site, panel and other web interfaces, alongside our internal monitoring platform to ensure our strong SLA remains in place.