Kubernetes Features

The features you receive when ordering a Kubernetes Cluster from us.

High Availability

Control your kubernetes clusters directly from your panel. Our service offers consistent health checks to detect and replace unhealthy applications in your deployment.

Easily Scalable

Effortlessly scale to meet your application demands for your services, then scale back during quiet times to save money.

Multi-Cloud Platform

Our kubernetes deployments are ensured to be portable between different cloud providers, we don’t lock you in to our servers, and we believe you should be able to pick up your application and move it whenever you like.

Pricing Plans


Select cluster resources:

Completely customize the resources required for your Kubernetes cluster.

Select RAM:




Select Cores:

1 vCores

3 vCores

64 vCores

Select Storage:




Select Quantity:

1 Nodes

64 Nodes

128 Nodes

You have chosen 16GB of RAM, 3 CPU vCores, 250GB of Storage and 64 Nodes.

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