VPS Features

The features you receive when ordering a vps server from us.

Real-time Monitoring

Collect data on service performance, and receive notifications when problems occur.


Securing your service is easy with our virtual firewalls. Pre-configured rules for popular configurations and automatic synchronization for clustered services.

One-click Installers

Easily deploy services such as cPanel, Plesk and other popular softwares with ease. We also offer one-click deployments of popular container and databases such as Docker, MongoDB and LAMP.

Additional Features

Block Storage

Add more storage to your service as you need to suit your deployment, configurations from 1TB to 10TB per service.

Floating IPs

Floating IPs allow you to set up a standby node, allowing it to receive your traffic instantly.

Private Networking

Quickly and simply set up an internal private network between multiple services for faster, secure connections inside your deployment.

Pricing Plans


Select CPU vCores:

1 vCores

2 vCores

32 vCores

Select RAM:

1 GB

4 GB

128 GB

Select Storage:

25 GB

125 GB

1000 GB

Select Bandwidth:

100 Mb/s

100 Mb/s

250 Mb/s

You have chosen 4GB of RAM, 2 CPU vCores, 125GB of Storage and 100Mb/s of Bandwidth.